Possible Dwelling Fire

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3/14/14- At 1927, Stations 169, 167, 168, 280 Truck, and 110 EMS were alerted for a possible dwelling fire near Freeport Road and Altermoor Drive in 169’s first due of the township. Caller reporting a large amount of smoke and flames visible, appears to be a house on fire. Just as crews were arriving at the station, 169 Chief arrived to find a brush fire behind a residence and held the assignment to 169, all others to stand by. 167 held in station with multiple crews until 169 Chief released all standby units after the fire was declared under control.

3/8/14-  Tony McCall was one of Citizens Hoses’ most active members during his 77 years of service to the department. Tony passed away on March 5th with his family by his side.  Tony was a Firefighter, EMT, and past chief of the department. Tony was active not only in the Fire Department but in the community as well by being a big part of his church and volunteering for Toys for Tots and starting Angel Tree and Tree of hope Toy drives in the AK-Valley. Tony will be missed by all but will watch over all past, present,and future members of Citizens Hose.


Physical Rescue

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01/17/14- At 1554, Station 110, 112(Pioneer, 281 EMS(Eureka), and 168(Hilltop) were dispatched to Allegheny Ludlum Steel in the new Plant for a male that was trapped in a Crane. Medic 112 and Medic 111 went enroute immediatly after dispatch.  While enroute, this was determined to be in Harrison Twp and 167 Rescue was added to the call and 281 was disregarded. Medic 112 arrived on scene and advised all units to use 4 Gate for access. Both medic units along with 112 Rescue arrived inside the plant to find the pt on the overhead crane, not entrapped by it, with a leg injury. 167 LT1 & LT2 packaged the pt for extrication with assistance by Plant Protection. The pt was then lowered off the crane to the waiting medic unit. All Rescue units cleared while Medic 112 transported to a local trauma center.

OIC- 167 Chief

(Units on Scene- 167 Rescue, 167 Squad, Medic 111, Medic 112, 112 Rescue, 168 Truck, ATI Plant Protection)

2013 Years end

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1/1/14- Citizens Hose 167 finished off the 2013  year by running 166 Total Fire Calls. Citizens Hose Ems 110 Finished off with 2647 Total Ems transports. This does not include Refusals, Non-Transports, or Cancellations. Thanks to all Members and Employees that were a huge part of 2013 and Good Luck to everyone in 2014.

Residential Structure Fire

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12/29/13   At  1143, the general alarm assignment was dispatched bringing 167, 168,169 and 110 Ems to 1325 Freeport Road for black smoke coming from the attic area  of the structure. 168 Chief along with Harrison PD arrived on scene to confirm a working fire. 167 Engine went enroute within minutes of dispatch and arrived on scene as the first unit to find a 2 1/2 story residential, smoke showing from the attic area of the structure. 167 interior pulled a handline and found working fire on the 2nd story. 167 interior got a good knock down on the fire in both the 2nd story and attic before being relieved by 169’s crew. Ventilation, overhaul and salvage operations followed. All units cleared shortly after the Fire Marshall arrived. Good work to all involved.

OIC- 168 Chief

(Units on scene- 167 Engine, 167 Rescue-Engine, 167 Rescue, Medic 111, 168 Truck, 168 Engine, 168 Special Service, 169 Engine, 169 Light & Air, Harrison Pd, Allegheny County Fire Marshall)


2014 officers announced

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The 2014 Fire officers are as follows below-

  • Fire Chief- Sean Jones
  • Deputy Chief- Matt Barch
  • Asst. Chief of Fire- Dan Boda
  • Asst. Chief of Ems- Matt Rusiewicz
  • Captain- Todd Allen
  • 1st Lieutenant- Tanner Murray
  • 2nd Lieutenant- Kane Borland
  • Safety Officer- Jim Erb
  • Accountability -Robert Griffin
  • Fire Police Captain- Zachary Shuttleworth
  • Fire Police Lieutenant- Sue Daugherty
  • Head Engineer- John Kesecki
  • 1st Asst. Engineer- Kane Borland
  • 2nd Asst Engineer- Brian Shumaker

The Office of State Fire Commissioner now recognizes Citizens Hose as a Participating Department of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program at the 75% level. This means that 75% of  Citizens Hose’s membership are certified to the National Professional Qualification Standards. Citizens Hose upgraded from the 50% level and was granted the certification.  We now join the 70 other departments statewide and only 7 in the County of Allegheny certified at this level


November 8th 2013- At 1117, Citizens Hose Fire-Ems were dispatched to the intersection of Union Ave and J.P. Marino Blvd for  a 3 vehicle accident w/injuries. Medic 114 and Ambulance 111 quickly went enroute. County 911 advised shortly after that police are on scene, requesting units to expedite due to 1 patient in cardiac arrest. 167 Rescue went enroute at this time for man power.  Eureka EMS 281 was dispatched as well for a medic assist. Units arrived on scene and worked very well to get the patient to the local hospital. All units cleared the scene shortly after.

OIC- 167 LT1

(Units on scene- Medic 114, Ambulance 111, 167 Rescue, Medic 288, Harrison PD)

(Article from Akvnews.com)


1st Annual Fall Field Days

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September 7th & 8th-  On Saturday and Sunday, Citizens Hose held it 1st Annual Fall Field Days at the station. It was made up of many Vendors,Crafters,Flea Marketers, and Food Vendors. Entertainment was provided between both days by Bob FM 96.9, Mansfield 5 band, and Curt Marino. Multiple Games including a Fish Pond, Pig Race, Basketball, Spinart, and a Bouncy House were on site as well. Junior members gave tours of the Rescue-Engine and talked about fire prevention.  Thanks to all the Members, Employees, Volunteers, Vendors, Crafters and any one that helped to make the Field Days a Huge Success. 




Physical Rescue

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8/20/13- Shortly after 1330, 110 Ems was dispatched to Harrison Hills Park for 2 patients that were stung  by bees. Medic 112 & Medic 114 quickly made contact with the patients who were found over a hillside. Medic 112 requested 167 Rescue for assistance. 112 advised the rescue that this would be a low angle rope rescue and that the best access would be the Outlook Grove of the park. 167 Rescue as well as 167 squad responded. 169 (Harrison Hills) was requested for additional manpower. Crews set up a rope system at the top of the hill while the patients were prepared for extrication. Both patients were extricated and turned over to the Medics on scene.

(OIC- 167 Deputy. Units on scene-   167 Rescue, 167 Squad, Medic 112, Medic 114, 169 Light & Air, 169 Utility, Harrison Pd, Allegheny County Pd)


(Pictured From L-R) Photo From AKVNews.com

Captain-Jim Erb,Lieutenant,-Tanner Murray, Firefighter-Brian Shumaker, Firefighter- Tim Cushey, Deputy Chief- Chris Fabec, Ems Cheif- Jim Bartolovich.