2018 Line Officers

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2018 Line Officers

Fire Chief- Sean Jones
Asst. Chief of Fire- Todd Allen
Deputy Chief- Matt Barch
Asst. Chief of Ems- Jim Erb
Captain- Tanner Murray
1st Lieutenant- Tj Bajack
2nd Lieutenant- Amber Lang
Safety Officer- Bob Griffin
Accountability – Justin Westmoreland
Head Engineer- Alan Fisher
1st Asst. Engineer- Gary Snow
2nd Asst Engineer- Jim Hasson


Membership Video

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EMS adds new, 5th Ambulance

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Citizens Hose Ems is proud to announce we will be adding a 5th ambulance to our Ems fleet. The new truck is a 2016 Chevrolet/McCoy-Miller. It will be getting lettered and stocked over the next few weeks and will be licensed as an ALS unit with the PA Department of health.


2017 Line Officers

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2017 Line Officers

  • Fire Chief- Sean Jones
  • Asst. Chief of Fire- Todd Allen
  • Deputy Chief- Matt Barch
  • Asst. Chief of Ems- Jim Erb
  • Captain- Tanner Murray
  • 1st Lieutenant- Amber Lang
  • 2nd Lieutenant- Vacant
  • Safety Officer- Bob Griffin
  • Accountability -Mike Angelus
  • Fire Police Captain- Sandy Frantz
  • Fire Police Lieutenant- Mike Angelus
  • Head Engineer- Alan Fisher
  • 1st Asst. Engineer- Gary Snow
  • 2nd Asst Engineer- Jim Hasson

5/31/16- At 1257 today, 167 Rit along with 280,281,282, 134 and 112 Rehab were alerted to Resco Refractories, West 6th Avenue in the Boro of Tarentum for an industrial kiln on fire. 280 Truck arrived on scene to find smoke coming from the structure and fire under control, command requesting all units to proceed non-emergency. 167 RIT arrived and staged with 167 Deputy taking RIT Ops. 167 operated on scene until being released by command shortly after. Allegheny Ludlum Fire Brigade (396 Eng 2) also made the call.

Apartment Building Fire (RIT)

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2/19/16- At 0218, The Tarentum companies along with 167 RIT were dispatched to 806 Creek Street for an Apartment on fire. While units were going enroute, Police arrived on scene and stated heavy fire coming from 2 apartments on the first division. 167 Rescue Engine (w/full crew) and the squad arrived on scene and staged RIT near the first division. Units quickly extinguished the fire without any incidents. 167 RIT was released shortly after. 280 Held command through the incident.

Dwelling Fire

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1/9/16- At 2010 units were alerted to 35 Pine St for a Residential Structure Fire bringing 167,168,169,112 and 110 Ems. 112 Engine along with 167 Engine w/full crews quickly went enroute. 167 Engine picked up the hydrant and arrived on scene with 112 Engine to find a single story residential with heavy smoke showing, 167 Chief assuming command. 281 RIT along with 280 Truck (on the fill) were requested at this time. Interior crews made a quick hit on the fire and brought it under control shortly after. Command was transferred to 168 Assistant and 167 cleared the scene shortly after.