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Mock Incident

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

On 10/8/14, Citizens 167 & 110 Ems along with Hilltop 168, Harrison Hills 169, Eureka 281, and Pioneer 112 took part in a Mock Incident at the Harrison High Rise. At 1800. Allegheny county dispatched 167 & 110 for an automatic fire alarm. 167 Chief arrived on scene to find smoke showing from the Charlie side 6th division and upgraded this to a working fire bringing 168 and 169, along with 281 RIT and 112 rehab on the 2nd alarm. 167 Chief advised there was confirmed entrapment in Apt 614. 167 interior located the victim and worked with 168 truck to extricate the victim from the 6th floor balcony. 281 RIT was also deployed for a downed firefighter on the 7th division. After multiple crews finished searches. All units broke down and cleared without incident. Thanks to all fire units and Allegheny County Housing for making this drill possible.

At 0847 this morning 167 RIT was activated along with Tarentum companies for a reported structure fire at 800 Mill Street, Tarentum Borough. Caller reporting smoke filling their apartment. 167 Rescue-Engine (with 5) marked up within minutes, and was downgraded to non-emergency shortly after. 167 Squad (with 4) was held in station. Upon investigation by 281 Engine and 280 Truck, the source was found to be burnt food, and command returned all units not on scene.

Vehicle Crash

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

3/21/14- At 2319, 167 and 110 EMS were alerted for a motor vehicle crash with multiple injuries and one occupant trapped in the area of the Walmart.  AC911 quickly updated that there was one patient, no entrapment.  Medic 112, 167 Rescue (full crew), and 167 Rescue-Engine (full crew) all were on the road within minutes of dispatch.  Harrison PD confirmed the update, requesting FD for containment.  167 Engine (with 3) also made the call.  Crews arrived on scene, and requested 169 for traffic control assistance with a pole down due to the crash.  After the patient was transported and the roadway was cleaned up, 167 turned the scene over to 169 upon their arrival.

Units on Scene: 167 Rescue, 167 Rescue-Engine, 167 Engine, Medic 112, 169 Light/Air, 169 Engine, Harrison PD

Dryer Fire

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

3/16/14- At 2044, the general alarm was struck for dryer fire bringing 168, 167, 169,110 Ems and 280 Truck (on the fill for 168 truck) to 1114 Liberty Ave. 168 Cheif quickly got on scene assuming command to find a dryer in the basement on fire. 167 Engine w/ full crew went enroute within minutes of dispatch and arrived as the first unit on scene with 167 Rescue-Engine shortly behind. 167 interior pulled a can and quickly extingused the fire and provided minor overhaul. Ambulance 113 provided EMS standby during the incident. All units were cleared and command terminated shortly after.

Residential Structure Fire

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

03/16- Shortly before 1am this morning, Box 167-2 was struck, alerting 167 168 169 280 Truck and 110 EMS for a possible dwelling fire in the area of Freeport Road and Burtner Road. Caller reporting a house filling up with smoke, one person believed to still be inside sleeping. Medic 111 and Harrison Twp. PD quickly arrived to find burnt food to be the source, and evacuated the resident. With the update, Chief 167 held the assignment to 167 and 110. Engine 167 responded with a full crew to ventilate the house, with Rescue/Engine 167 standing by in station with additional personnel. Crews cleared after a short time on scene.

CO Alarm

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3/15/14- 167 and 110 EMS were toned out at 0633 for a CO Alarm activation on Painter Avenue, in the first due. Medic 111 and 167 Rescue/Engine made the call. Crews checked the interior with the gas meter, and determined the problem to be a faulty CO alarm.

Possible Dwelling Fire

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3/14/14- At 1927, Stations 169, 167, 168, 280 Truck, and 110 EMS were alerted for a possible dwelling fire near Freeport Road and Altermoor Drive in 169’s first due of the township. Caller reporting a large amount of smoke and flames visible, appears to be a house on fire. Just as crews were arriving at the station, 169 Chief arrived to find a brush fire behind a residence and held the assignment to 169, all others to stand by. 167 held in station with multiple crews until 169 Chief released all standby units after the fire was declared under control.