Physical Rescue

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

01/17/14- At 1554, Station 110, 112(Pioneer, 281 EMS(Eureka), and 168(Hilltop) were dispatched to Allegheny Ludlum Steel in the new Plant for a male that was trapped in a Crane. Medic 112 and Medic 111 went enroute immediatly after dispatch.  While enroute, this was determined to be in Harrison Twp and 167 Rescue was added to the call and 281 was disregarded. Medic 112 arrived on scene and advised all units to use 4 Gate for access. Both medic units along with 112 Rescue arrived inside the plant to find the pt on the overhead crane, not entrapped by it, with a leg injury. 167 LT1 & LT2 packaged the pt for extrication with assistance by Plant Protection. The pt was then lowered off the crane to the waiting medic unit. All Rescue units cleared while Medic 112 transported to a local trauma center.

OIC- 167 Chief

(Units on Scene- 167 Rescue, 167 Squad, Medic 111, Medic 112, 112 Rescue, 168 Truck, ATI Plant Protection)

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