MVA w/ Entrapment

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

3/4/13- Shortly before 1850, Freeport EMS 70-1 was covering an E3 for 110 and transporting a patient to Allegheny Valley Hospital when the crew came up to a Vehicle Accident at Freeport Road and Alabama Ave. involving a pickup truck and an Ambulance that was also transporting to the Hospital. Freeports crew notified Allegheny 911 and checked for extent of injuries finding 2 patients, 1 entrapped in the pickup and requested the Rescue. Freeport did a quick turn at the hospital as 167 Deputy requested Eureka who had 2 Medic units at Allegheny Valley along with 281 Rescue who was in the area. 167 Rescue 1, 167 Rescue-Engine, Medic 113 along with 289,287 and 281 Rescue and 70-1 arrived on scene and extricated the pt and transported to a local trauma center. Units Cleared the call shortly after. Prayers go out to New Kensington EMS for their crew to get well soon.

OIC- 167 Assistant

(Units on scene- 167 Rescue 1, 167 Rescue-Engine, Medic 113, Medic 287, Medic 289, 281 Rescue, Ambulance 70-1, Medic 271, Harrison Fire Police, Harrison PD)

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