Back to Back MVAs

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

9/14/12- At 0820, 167 Rescue and 110 were dispatched to Burtner road @ the Burtner house for a vehicle accident with a single vehicle into a hillside, unknown extent of injuries. 110 Supervisor was in the area on dispatch and stated 1 pt unresponsive and for the medic unit to expedite. 167 Asst 2 arrived on scene and assisted with pt extrication and cancelled the rescue with negative hazards.

OIC-167 Asst 2

At 1248, 167 Rescue and 110 were dispatched to 1617 Freeport road for a 2 vehicle accident with 1 pt laying on the roadway. Ambulance 111 immediately arrived on scene to find a 2 vehicle accident, t-bone style collision with 1 pt laying on the ground unresponsive. The pt was packaged as Medic 114 arrived on scene. Medic 114 then transported to a local hospital while 167 Rescue 1 handled containment. While 111 obtained multiple refusals, one of the original pts was transported to a local hospital. All units cleared with in 30 mins.

OIC- 167 Lt 2

(Units on scene- Medic 114, Ambulance 111, 167 Rescue 1)

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