Motorcycle Vs Car w/Flyout

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

7/25/12   At 0656, 167 Rescue and 110 Ems were dispatched for a Motorcylce vs Car on Burtner Road under the overpass. Medic 114 arrived on scene and called for a helicopter with the landing zone to be handled by 168 at Citizens Hose. 167 Rescue 1 arrived on scene and requested that Stat Medevac divert and land on the Rt. 28 SB Offramp. 167 Engine and 168 Engine arrived on scene and assisted ems and Stat Medevac crews and provided traffic control for the Allegheny MEs office. All units cleared at around 1030.

(Units on scene- Medic 114, 167 Rescue 1, 167 Engine, 167 squad,168 Engine,168 Special service, Harrison PD, Allgheny county ME, Stat Medevac)

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