Brush/Dumpster Fire

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

6/24/12- At 1800, units were alerted to the rear of 295 Park Ave for a reported brush fire. 281 Deptuty who was in the area advised a working brush fire as well as a dumpster well off as well in the area behind Community Market. 167 Cheif arrived on scene and took command. 167 R2, 167 E1, 167 Squad, and Medic 114 went enroute right behind eachother and the cheif requested R2 to pull past the dumpster and handle the brush fire and the Engine to handle the dumpster fire. Units worked on scene for about an hour before clearing with both fire extingused.

(Units on scene- 167 Rescue 2, 167 Engine, 167 Squad, Medic 114)

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