Smoke in a commercial structure-Allegheny Valley Hospital

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

4/16/12-  At 1710,Harrison companies were dispatched to Allegheny Valley Hospital for smoke in the structure. County advised that this was possibly from a  power failure, 168 chief requested all units to respond in at a normal rate. 168 Chief arrived on scene and confirmed the smell of smoke coming from the generators and requested 167 R1 to standby on the Carlise St. side of the structure and assist with ventilation. 167 interior crew took the fan to division 3, with nothing found 167 interior then diverted to the rear of the structure and ventilated. All units returned in service within the hour.  Units responding- 168 truck, 168 special service, 167 Rescue 1, 167 squad, 112 Rescue(on the fill for 167 Eng.) 169 Engine, 169 rescue, 110 EMS

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